Bahu and bhabi

Last night I was on the phone with a friend and she was telling me how her brother is finally getting married 🥰!! The excitement in her voice was so heartwarming and I was like Aaw this is soooo good to hear and then I asked who is the girl? Did you meet her yet?

Her tone totally changed 🤦🏽‍♀️…and she said yaar she is an average looking girl…works somewhere full time and has no sense of dressing 🙄. And this made me think…why can’t we be acceptable of relationships…why we want our bhabi or bahu (sister in law/ daughter in law) to look a certain way? Why we have a criteria 🤔…

When my older brother was getting engaged…my parents told us sisters…if we love our brothers we will have to love our bhabi’s even more!! When your brother has a special toy..something that comforts him…don’t we as sisters take care of it? Don’t we try to keep it clean, won’t let it break or get lost…just so our brother is happy? Just like that our bhabi is someone special to our brother…we need to make sure we love them…in return our sibling bond with our brother will always stay strong!!

The moment you show your sibling (brother or sister) you are not happy with their spouse..your bond with them will start to get weak! Be acceptable of the reality of life…if you start complaining you will become the sour grape everyone puts aside 😨

Let’s be happy with these sensitive roles we all have to play…it’s mostly us women who have issues with each other…let’s change this for good!! Let’s aim to love our bhabi’s and Bahu’s more then our brothers or sons!!

And let’s be a positive bhabi to your nands as well!! If you are someone’s mother in law or sister in law…please give the girl the respect she deserves…no one becomes a part of your family with bad intentions…all girls want to start life on happy terms…if we don’t treat them gets harder for them to connect to you..

I called my friend back this morning and told her how I felt.. I told her I am sad with her response and she said he is my baby brother…I always had an image of a pretty girl to be his wife…but I guess you are right! I will respect his choice and give her love and acceptance she deserves InshaAllah!

I wish all women learn to love and respect each other…one happy woman can make an entire family happy…let’s be that one woman today ❤️..

Friends since grade one!

Zoha started grade one yesterday so for the last two days all we are hearing is how much fun being a first grader is!! Zyva is hooked on to Baja and her class stories!

This reminds me of my first grade, I went to school in Pakistan….my first school was wonderland grammar school. It was in our neighborhood and was considered English medium and all…I did my preschool and kindergarten there. I loved my teachers and my friends…then my parents found out about this very fancy school…The Educational Centre (TEC).

The curriculum was Oxford/ Cambridge based…they were affiliated with the British council Pakistan. We had to leave our comfort zone and move into this new school. I was a very nervous 5 year old….seriously didn’t want to go there! But like all parents…my mom and dad were sure this is an awesome idea.

I still managed to enter my new school’s grade 1 classroom with a confident smile and a very fast beating heart 🤪❤️. My teacher asked me to sit next to this really cute dark haired girl. She was sobbing quietly, I immediately started a conversation and she told me she is missing her mommy. I told her not to worry she will go home soon…she was telling me how she has a little brother…she was missing him too!

During our conversation I asked about her birthday and she said it’s August 3rd 😱ُ and that was it! I was so mad at her for stealing my birthday 🤪😂! I asked her so many times if she is sure about the date….her innocent yes didn’t convince me. I was sure she is stealing my birthday…my yapping stopped so she started her sobs again…since I was mad at her “I said why are you crying again” and she replied “I miss my mommy” I said “don’t worry your mommy is busy trying to make another baby so she doesn’t miss you”

At that time I didn’t think I said anything bad but my teacher abruptly came to us and moved me to another spot! I still remember the surprised look she had on her face….and I learned later in life how crazy I was 🤪🤣…thank God that silly comment didn’t mess anything up! Allhumdullilah that day I found my lifetime best friend! She has been there since we were 5 to now ❤️!!

Words will never describe what she means to me ❤️!! Urooj you are my rock and you will always have my back!! Happy belated birthday my twin ( one year younger don’t count 🤪)!!

Picture is us sometime in grade 4 I think! I have lots of pics of us but this one is my favorite!

Surgical gloves

My 14 year old niece wanted to write on my group! Please show some support ❤️

so here it goes:

Not going to lie, it was scary.

Me and my best friends had turned up into school wearing some blue surgical gloves.

We were NOT sick 😷

We were NOT performing surgery 👩🏻‍⚕️

And we were TOTALLY NOT Germaphobes. 🤧

It had all started off as a silly joke between us friends. We used to spend an hour after school attending to the science lab which had a whooping amount of dishes to be done. I have always worn gloves while washing dishes. But since we were in a science lab there weren’t any proper dishwashing gloves!!

So I slid my hands into some blue surgical gloves that were just waiting to be worn. My friends did the same and soon enough our work was done.

We had finished early and had decided to stick around for a while.

We felt like keeping out gloves on,

it made us feel more like mAd sCiEnTiStS! 👀🤪

We giggled and shuffled into the library slightly tilting our heads bashfully unsure of what to do until we flopped onto the couches. We all looked up at once and held the urge to collapse in laughter as fellow students and teachers questioningly glanced our way. We watched eyes dart back and forth, it was too much to handle.

Finally, Our former teacher broke the silence as he laughed at us while we walked towards the door “boy, you guys sure look suspicious.” We grinned and bolted to the hallway. 🤣

We exclaimed with excitement as we talked about how cool it felt to simply be wearing those gloves.

We all agreed to wear them to school the next day…

As I walked home with my gloves I couldn’t help but wonder, why did it feel so exciting? were these gloves magic!? 🤯

The next day I couldn’t shake my curiosity as I slipped on my gloves and stepped into the bustling hallway. I widened my eyes and ducked my head as I steered to my locker and began fumbling with it. I found my friend standing by her locker and was disappointed to see her hands fumbling with her gloves. Suddenly my disappointment evaporated as I smiled but then shook the feeling as I coaxed my friend into wearing her gloves.

The rest of the morning was a blur as I noticed the people around me staring and glancing at my gloves.

My Teacher asked if I was sick but I spunkily replied “No.”

No one asked me why I did but as the day progressed I understood.

Now some people might think “Hey that’s just dumb” or “that’s crazy.”

I saw a deeper meaning behind the ugly surgical gloves. I learned that there will always be people there who question what you do, what you wear, what you eat, etc.

What matters is that you don’t let the critics get to you. Just do you. You don’t have to follow every trend or fad, do what makes you happy even if there’s no on else doing the same!

Individuality is simply beautiful, it can take a lot of courage and even though your insecurities may get to you think about what makes you happy and what you want to do. You don’t have to live following the crowd, try leading the crowd for a change!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Wandering soul-paranormal activity

We had a lot of sleepovers with our cousins when we all lived at home. We stayed up all night…played board games, watched shows, told ghost stories, did makeovers, got our dolls married 🤪 and so much more!

The highlight of those “stay up all night” was always the paranormal stories!! Everyone would sit sooo close to each other…of course we got scared! But we also loved listening to these stories!!! Some were repeats but we still enjoyed them with full concentration 😍!!

So many places in Karachi were rumored to be haunted and thats how our stories would start! A place in particular is called Karsaaz, the rumor was that there is a bride who died in a car accident…her husband was driving n he survived. This woman’s souls was now wandering in that area. She was seen by many travelers…she would ask for a ride by hand signals…if you stop she disappears and then you get a hi fever! If you don’t stop she keeps running after your car until the end of the street.

Many people said she is very pretty but her eyes are very scary! I don’t know how true this story is but I am sure most of us who grew up in Karachi have heard this story! It still gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

I have always been a scaredy-cat…I don’t watch scary movies and I don’t like hearing this kinda stuff! Today my niece and I went out for a girls night…when I was driving back my niece was looking for a nearest Starbucks and somehow she clicked a link that brought her to an address for a haunted Starbucks 😱!!

We both got so scared…we just wanted to get home 😃…and then I said why does it say haunted 🤔 and she opened the link again and it read “haute Starbucks cafe” 🤦🏽‍♀️🤪….it was someone’s review of this location!!! 🤣🤪We laughed so hard how silly we are!! That person meant this location is haute….fancier than other locations 🤣!!

But by this time we already got ourselves Tim Horton’s and were parking the car in the driveway lol!! And laughing at ourselves 🤣…love these moments with my girl ❤️…

Ladies,I would love to read your scary experiences by the way and don’t forget to add your friends 🥰

P.s picture of fresh flowers from my mom’s and bhabi’s garden!

Bossy kid and spilled milk

Growing up we had two sets of parents always…my taya jaan and tai jaan (uncle and aunt) and of course our mom and dad. We are lucky to be raised by some great personalities…they were a mix of happy go lucky to quiet and reserved….we got to experience pro’s and cons of being a certain way! And that’s why I feel I can easily adjust with people…you can be a grumpy soul and it won’t bother me! I know I have to keep it positive for me and the people around me 😊…I worked in HR and I can handle all sorts of people drama 🤪

However My little sister is a fancy personality to deal with 🤪! Now, My taya really spoiled us…..he used to get us all sorts of things…fun and fancy! One day my sister Marrium (4 years old at the time) asked him for a mechanical pencil….that was an expensive thing back then! So my mom told taya not to get it for her unless she earns a good deed reward…taya really wanted to buy it for her. He said how about we walk to the store and get milk and yogurt and then decide how you can earn a reward.

My sister was not thrilled about this idea but again she really wanted this cool pencil… so she agreed half heartedly! They walked to the store and she told taya how she is such a good girl at school and she picks up all the erasers the kids drop n keeps them in her pencil case 😱…she believed that is a good deed. She is not letting the erasers get lost 🤪 and miss their owner lol!!

Taya was now thinking oh boy how I tell her this is not good! Anyways he got milk and yogurt…and they skipped the stationary store and started walking home, this little girl was surprised he wasn’t getting the pencil…she shared her good deed story already! She said how about my pencil and he said let’s tell mumma your story and decide! Of course marrium didn’t like this and she asked him if she can hold the milk bag.

Those days in Pakistan…milk came in plastic bags with a string tie to hold it. We would bring it home and pour in it a pot to boil it. Anyway this little bad girl said to taya…if you don’t get me the pencil I will drop this milk 😱 he was like oh oh nooo you won’t do that. Your tai needs the milk to make you dessert and they kept walking…as soon as they got home my sister dropped the bag!! SPLASH 😱🤪😂 and there was milk everywhere and she walked away like a boss 🤦🏽‍♀️.

Poor taya had to clean the garage floor and then he had to apologize, sweet talk to his 4 year old niece and take her back to the store to buy that pencil! 🤔…people like my taya and tai jaan don’t exist anymore…their love and care is hard to find in this day and age! May Allah give my tai jaan the highest ranks in Jannah and give my taya a long and healthy life Ameen! ❤️

P.s: The picture is in kaghaan Pakistan a long time ago

Give and you shall receive

When you have a close knit family you get to hear so many stories about your parents…my dad has MashaAllah 9 siblings…so we got to hear all sorts of funny, mischievous, silly and even the bad things our dad did lol!

None of these siblings have any issues with doing chores, taking care of kids, cooking, driving around, fixer uppers, public speaking, giving advice…they can do it all! They have the confidence and the charming personality you don’t see often! And out of all the siblings My dad is known for his big heart ❤️

I never heard him complain about anything….he is always the first person to help people in need…he always quotes this Hadith to us…

The Messenger of Allah (Sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam) said: “Allaah said: ‘Spend, O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you.’”[ Sahih Bukhari ]

So Couple years ago when I worked part time and full time college…I hardly had any savings. Not much responsibilities either…but I am pretty bad with money…I shop a lot. So there was still a few days before payday….I had about $150 in my account…my phone bill was due in 2 days. I was inline at sobeys cause mom asked me to get some yogurt on my way back from school…I saw a lady with a few things in her basket and she forgot her wallet at home.

She was all dressed up to go to a party and was picking up dessert n flowers and a fruit platter…I felt bad for her and paid her bill…it was exactly $78…when I got back to my car I was thinking my phone bill is $65 so I should be ok!

Two days later I was scared to check my bank account…the remaining $7 would make me sad I thought! I went to work and some co workers planned a lunch for a friend’s birthday and I was like alright let’s test this card now…at part time employment and full time school you don’t have many credit cards.

When I paid for my lunch the card went thru 😐 so I went to the nearest atm and checked my balance…I had $460 in my account 😱!!! I couldn’t believe it…I went to my branch right after work and check where did the money come from…the teller said “oh last year you got $300 tax credit when you were supposed to get $635 so revenue Canada finally deposited the remaining balance! I couldn’t believe it!! Allah has his ways of keeping Our pride intact ❤️ and that’s the day I understood the meaning of the Hadith my dad always quotes!

I dedicate this story to my dad! Thank you for encouraging me in my crazy ideas and making me feel confident in my crazier decisions!! May Allah keep my dad healthy and happy with a long life Ameen…

Please keep my dad Majeed Ali Khan In your duas ❤️

Big sis little sis ❤️

When I was six years old I got my first lose tooth! My baby sister (Marrium Khan) was a few weeks old and since she was the newest addition among all cousins we loved sitting around her!

One fine day I looked in the mirror and touched my lose tooth gently with my tongue…I was so scared of losing it. My mom was changing my sisters diaper n my cousin was making the baby laugh so I excitedly got close to the bed n tippy toed to see her…she kicked me in my face AND I felt something fall in my mouth 🤪! And I opened my mouth and my cousin said hey you have an open window 😱!

I turned to the mirror and to my horror my tooth was gone!!! I was soooo angry…I ran to my dadi jaan (grandma), I was crying and I said…this baby is not good for our home…she made me lose my precious tooth! And my dadi replied “it was a lose tooth….you are becoming a big girl and you needed to get the REAL teeth so this little baby helped you speed up the process” 😬

I was like oh I guess I will have to like her now…we moved on from this incident like any 6 year old would and this baby was now crawling…

my dad got me this life size doll from Germany for my 3rd birthday….I cared for her a whole lot! So now my baby sister crawled upto my doll (I had her standing by the wall), she grabbed the doll to stand up n they both fell! I ran to my doll and checked on her for broken bones 🤪! My mom was like check on your sister…I didn’t want to 🤣! I was angry again cause she made my doll fall 🤔….

Then fast forward to my sister starting kindergarten and I was in grade 5 (i think)….she was a shy little girl…so quiet too….one day at school my friend said hey why is your sister crying…I felt my heart beating so fast I went to my sister and I said what’s the matter n she said some guy pushed her n she fell n hurt her elbow!

The big sister in me woke up….I said show me the boy…she was like NOOO n I said come on! We went to this boy and I yelled at him and told him if he ever touch my sister again he won’t be allowed back in this school…I will break his bones! 😱 a 10 year old fun loving people pleasing girl became a gangster within minutes 😆!!

I was telling zoha this story last night and she made a comment “where was Salman???” Salman is my older brother and I said “why” and she said “he should have been there to fix the boy” and I said “why him and why not me” and she said cause he is a boy 😱!!!!

I realized now is the time to make a girl realize she is as good as any boy can be!! I said if my sister is hurt and I am there before our brother can be…I am as good as a brother to teach a lesson to anyone who hurt her! And I said you are the big sister…if someone bothers your little siblings…they look upto you to help them…no need to say hey we need a boy to help us!!! Us girls can help, support, save, and encourage the ones younger then us when need be…and trust me you will do it much better than a boy! 😉🥰

The pic here is my sister marrium, me and by little brother saeed ❤️!! Love my siblings with all my heart! 🥰 keep us in your duas…we are miles apart but close to the heart! Allhumdullah!